Guangdong Jiuzhou Solar Energy Science &Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the integration of R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of solar PV application system. The main products are City Mobile Energy Storage System, Communication Base Station Storage Energy Power Supply System, Household PV Energy System, Home Power,  Solar LED Street Light,  Intelligent PV Power Supply System, Smart City Construction, all of which have been widely used in municipal transportation, new rural construction, coast defence, remote areas,tourism, navigation and other fields. 


In order to optimize our company’s management and develop the production demonstration bases, Jiuzhou established Jiuzhou PV Energy Storage Academician Workstation with Peking University and Qin Guogang, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences...

Household PV Energy Storage Generator uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy and store the electric energy into batteries to power to the loads  when needed. Household PV Energy Storage Generator can realize seamless switching between solar energy, battery pack and grid, achieve the purpose of solar energy complementary and uninterruptedly uses of electricity , and provide the high quality green and clean power experience to every family.

Small Size 
Large Capacity 
Long Service Life 
Environmental Protection Multifunction Mode 
Adaptive Regulation 
Intelligent LCD Display


Here you can see the company's latest developments, including the latest products, the latest technology, the latest corporate activities, etc.

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    On November 17, we warmly welcomed the lovely Zhongshan little reporters to study in Jiuzhou. ...

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    On November 9, 2018, representatives of teachers and students from Zhongshan Vocational and Te...

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    On the morning of June 15,2017, Michel Farine, Dean of the China-EU Clean and Renewable Energy...



Jiuzhou Solar PV Energy Storage Academician Workstation

Guangdong  Polytechnic Normal University

School of Physics, Peking University

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