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▌Power Generation & Storage Solution

— Home Energy Storage Solution —


Household PV Energy Storage Generator uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy and stores the electric energy into batteries to power to the loads when needed. Household PV Energy Storage Generator can realize seamless switching between solar energy, battery pack and grid, achieve the purpose of complementary solar energy and uninterruptedly uses of electricity , and provide the high quality green and clean power experience to every family.

In addition to domestic use, it can also be used for field work, remote areas without electricity, emergency power failure, for general household appliances, computers, lighting, communication equipment, etc.



— Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage Solution —


        City Mobile Energy Storage System (container type) is a system that stores the electric energy generated by solar power system, wind power system and diesel generator through electrochemical batteries. While delaying the investment demand of distribution equipment expansion, improving the utilization rate of equipment and promoting the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, it can also switch between on-grid and off-grid automatically, then obtain the peak and valley price difference income. 

        After the City Mobile Energy Storage System is connected to the grid, it can alleviate the impact of load on the grid, improve the friendliness of load to the grid, and can also balance the peak and valley difference of the grid, compensate the deviation of voltage and frequency of the grid, improve the quality of power supply and improve the economy of power consumption.




1、Peak-cutting and filling-valley

2、Peak saving frequency modulation

3、Reducing power supply cost

4、Can manage demand side effectively

5、It can be connected to solar power system, wind power system, diesel generator, and absorb the harmonics generated by power generation.

6、Improve the stability of power system



— Distributed Solar Power Station —

In the daytime, it can be used by itself in the sunshine, and the surplus electricity can be connected to the Internet, which can effectively save the consumption of high price electricity and peak electricity.

PV module,  Inverter,  Bracket,  Monitoring System (optional), Bistribution Box,  PV Meter,  Two-way Meter, etc.

Our Advantage:
1、Reliable, safe & efficient inverter system
2、High quality solar cell module
3、Equipped with reliable, safe and high-quality dedicated photovoltaic distribution box
4、Professional power plant design team 
5、Complete qualification certificate and rich project experience


— Communication Base Station Storage Energy Power Supply System —

Communication Base Station Storage Energy Power Supply System adopts Solar PV power generation + (wind power generation) + Energy Storage System + (diesel engine), with strong complementarity, high stability and reliability. The endurance of the energy storage system is more than 24 hours to ensure the power supply of the base station.

Satellite Communication IOT Management Platform:


*Query system operation data anytime and anywhere: 
System status
operation mode
control mode
fault alarm
historical data
data chart display
real-time data query of charging system
charging current and voltage
load output current and voltage
working temperature
battery temperature, etc.


Full visualization of working parameters, remote control operation through cloud platform, remote restart of controller.