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500W - Off-grid Solar Power System Solar Generator Portable Generator


  • Intelligent charge and discharge management 

  • Power frequency toroidal transformer, stronger load capacity, smaller no-load current 

  • Automatic voltage regulation, suitable for any voltage environment 

  • Intelligent integration design

  • Battery with undervoltage, overload, short circuit and other comprehensive protection

  • You can choose the municipal electricity priority or standby power priority. 

  • LCD display 

  • Independent power supply, not restricted by natural environment 

  • Easy to disassemble, convenient to move and to maintain


Solar panel (W V)270Wp*1psc 30V
Battery (Ah V)100AH*1
Inverter (V)12V DC
Solar panel Size (mm)1640*992*40
Solar panel net weight/pcs   (kg)19.8
Machine size (mm)280*520*520
Machine weight (kg)44.1
Parameters and related   instructions1. Working environment -15℃-40℃,10-90% humidity

2. 145V—275V ultra-wide range input

3.Three modes be selected (city power priority, inverter priority, energy   saving)


Note: all prices are excluding tax and shipping. All parameters may differ between ±3%—±5%. The price is for FOB Zhongshan Port and the offer is valid for 15 days. Warranty for two years.

Applications:Suitable for households, villas, remote areas,fishing yachts, breeding sites, disaster reliefs, medical equipments, mobile communication base stations, satellite ground receiving stations, meteorological offices and stations, forest fire stations, border posts, islands without electricity, grassland pastoral areas, desert areas, etc.