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City Mobile Energy Storage System


City Mobile Energy Storage System (container type) is a system that stores the electric energy generated by solar power system, wind power system and diesel generator through electrochemical batteries. While delaying the investment demand of distribution equipment expansion, improving the utilization rate of equipment and promoting the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, it can also switch between grid-connected and off-grid automatically, then obtain the peak and valley price difference income. After the City Mobile Energy Storage System is connected to the grid, it can alleviate the impact of load on the grid, improve the friendliness of load to the grid, and can also balance the peak and valley difference of the grid, compensate the deviation of voltage and frequency of the grid, improve the quality of power supply and improve the economy of power consumption.


>> It can cut the peak and fill the valley.

>> It can peak shaving and frequency modulation.

>> It can reduce power to supply cost.

>> It can effectively carry out demand side management.

>> It can be connected to solar power generator system, wind power generator system, diesel generator system ,

and also can absorb the harmonics generated by power generator.

>> It can improve the stability of power system operation.


1. Flexible & Efficient——It has module sub-control, operation and maintenance parallel function. It can flexible to configurate, support for grid-connection and off-grid. The high seamless switching efficiency up to 97.5%. Various PCS power self-dormancy modes can improve system efficiency.

2. Durable——The battery has high energy density and long cycle life.Through grouping mana- gement, balanced charge and discharge and high safety standard design, it can adapt to all kinds of extreme environment and improve the frequency and amplitude stability of the power grid effectively. 

3. Security——Three-stage battey manage ment system design that equipped with intelligent fire protection system, battery protection system and heat dissipation device makes the system has strong env- ironment adaptability, more safety and reliability (IP54). 

4. Intelligent Management——Supporting energy manag- ement of smart micro-grid can centralize management, analysis and visual monitor the data, then realize intelligent management and protection. 

5. Economical & Environmental-friendly——Peak-cutting and filling-valley to promote the effective utilization of energy, then save energy and reduce emission.

6. Corrosion Resistance——The container shell uses the corrosion resistant material. The spraying uses the ultraviolet protection paint. We pay attention to the quality from the whole system.