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Solar Insecticidal Lamp

Product performance: Light control, rain control, automatic microcomputer protection system for overcharge and overdischarge.

Booby-trapping species: The main booby-traps are Lepidoptera pests, about 200000 species are known in the world and more than 8000 species are known in China.

Examples: Diamondback moth,Helicoverpa armigera, rice borer, plant hopper, corn borer, beetle, ground tiger, pine moth, poplar white moth, Big green Cicadellidae, Spodoptera exigua,ant Kempis, etc.



Source power

10W/ 15W/20W

Luminous flux

1150LM /1725LM / 2300LM

Color temperature


Color index


Working life

8-10 years

The height of lamp post

3m-3.5m / 4m-4.5 m/ 4m-4.5m

Lighting time

Working for 8-10 hours every day, last   for more than 15 rainy/cloudy days, work normally throughout the whole year.

Notes: The above data is for referenceonly.  


Applicable to farmland, tea plantation, tobacco garden, garden,vineyard, community, courtyard, etc