Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Integrated solar generator

Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Integrated solar generator

Small Size 

Large Capacity 

Long Service Life 

Environmental Protection

Multifunction Mode

Adaptive Regulation

Intelligent LCD Display   

Power range:5KVA/4KW 

Ac output:220~240Vac 

Rated capacity:120Ah

Storage capacity:6.14kWh 

Battery type: lithium iron 


Weight: about 110KG 

Scope of application: can drive 3 hp of air conditioning


1. Protection: over charge, over discharge, over temperature, over current, short circuit protection 

2. UPS function: constant voltage, constant frequency, uninterrupted power supply 

3. Automatic recognition: automatically recognizes power mode, and quickly switches solar/battery/mains electricity mode 

4. Max charging efficiency: 98% 

5. Wide voltage input :(90-280) VAC 

6. Longer service life: 10 years (battery cycles up to 4000 times) 

7. Switching modes: interactive 

8. Intelligent LCD display: function indication/charge-discharge mode/off-grid mode/power display/load indication/warning 

9. Comprehensive ability:small size, large energy 

Size (length * width * height)700*340*759mm
WeightAbout 110kg
Installation methodFloor-standing
Lifetime10 years
Storage time (-20 ~ 35 ° C)3 months
Operating temperature range0-45℃
Storage temperature range-10-40℃
Warranty2 years
Protection levelIP21