110W Fixed Solar Panel Kit Solar Cell Solar Module

110W Fixed Solar Panel Kit Solar Cell Solar Module


Maximum power (Pmax)110W
Maximum power voltage (Vmp)18.2V
Maximum power current (Imp)6.04A
Operating-40℃ to 85℃
Warranty12 month

Included in the kit


1.      Align the Z-shaped bracket with the solar panel holes. 

2.      Put a washer on the M8 16 bolt and thread it through the Z-bracket and the solar panel. Then put another washer onto the bolt and finally a nylon lock nut. 

3.      Tighten making sure the Z-brackets supports are pressed firmly against the outside of the solar panel. 

4.      Repeat 1 to 3 for each of the four Z-brackets. 

5.      With all four brackets installed, position the solar panel onto your roof rack. 

6.      Line up the Z-bracket with the support plate,ensuring that there is at least 2 parellel wires running between the bolts. 

7.      Put a split washer, then a washer onto the M8 25 bolt, then screw it into the support plate. 

8.      Repeat this to secure the solar panel at all four points.