10W Solar Photosensitive Induction Spotlight

10W Solar Photosensitive Induction Spotlight

Product specification:

Lamp body size(mm)130*110*40
Carton size
Packing quantity(pcs)50

Why do customers choose us?

 1. Guangdong Jiuzhou Solar Energy specializes in the production and development of PV low-carbon power generation products, continuously innovating core technologies and becoming a leader in the industry.

 2. Jiuzhou Solar PV Energy Storage Workstation was jointly declared by Peking University, Torch Vocational and Technical College and Jiuzhou Solar Energy in 2016, April 2017 officially approved by the Guangdong Provincial Office of Science and Technology( project number: 2017 B090904021 ). 

 3. Generators independently developed by Jiuzhou which support remote monitoring to achieve intelligent operation. 

 4. Ultra-wide input voltage range, high-precision output, fully automatic voltage control, stronger compatibility. Having overload, short circuit, overpressure and under pressure, over temperature and other protection functions, high reliability.

 5. Signed a cooperation agreement with the five major universities to continuously improve and innovate in response to industry issues and needs, to ensure that the products are more practical and better quality.